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The Market is an essential part of a business and understanding the ways of the market is a fundamental skill required for every manager. For the same reason, IGNOU has recently announced an MBA Specialization program for aspirants who wish to learn about the market and ways to manage it. The new program is termed IGNOU Distance MBA in Marketing Management or MBAMM.

The IGNOU MBA in Marketing Management attempts to retain all the major advantages of the well-regarded IGNOU Distance MBA program while also trying to incorporate a specialized understanding of marketing management. Various details regarding the IGNOU MBAMM program are mentioned below.

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IGNOU Distance MBA Fees

Course Fee


All IGNOU Distance MBA programs, including the distance MBA Specialization programs, share the same fee structure. The total fee for the MBAMM program is ₹ 62,000 and ₹ 15,500 is the fee per semester.

To know more about the fee structure of the IGNOU Distance MBA programs, visit our Fee Structure page.

IGNOU Distance MBA Duration

Program Duration

2-4 years

The IGNOU MBA in Marketing Management (MBAMM) program lasts for a duration of 2 years with 4 separate semesters, each lasting a duration of 6 months. The maximum duration for the MBAMM program is 4 years.

IGNOU Distance MBA prospectus

Program Structure

IGNOU has slightly tweaked the course structure of the [IGNOU Distance MBA] program to accommodate the specialization field in their IGNOU MBA Specialization program. A detailed breakdown of the course structure of the MBA in Marketing Management is given below.

  • The total number of courses in the IGNOU MBAMM program is 28.
  • Students are expected to complete a total of 7 courses per semester.
  • Among the 28 courses, 19 of them are core courses (or compulsory courses) and 8 are specialization courses.
  • The final course of the program is the project course (MMPP-001).
  • The total credit weightage of the program is 116 with each course having a credit weightage of 4.

A student who has completed all 28 courses (19 core courses, 8 specialization courses, and the project course) will be awarded the degree of MBA in Marketing Management. 

To read more about the course structure of the IGNOU MBA programs, visit our Course Structure page.

IGNOU Distance MBA Admission Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

Similar to all the other MBA programs offered by IGNOU, the MBA in Marketing Management (MBAMM) program also has a basic eligibility requirement of a 3-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution or an equivalent certificate from a reputed university from around the world. A minimum score of 50% is also required (45% for the reserved categories).

IGNOU has recently removed the need for the OPENMAT exam for gaining admission to the MBA programs. Interested candidates are encouraged to take this opportunity to apply for IGNOU Distance MBAMM admission.

Kindly visit our Eligibility Criteria page for knowing more details regarding the eligibility criteria for the IGNOU Distance MBA programs.

ignou distance mba regional centers

IGNOU MBA in Marketing Management Admission

All interested candidates can apply for IGNOU Distance MBA in Marketing Management (and other IGNOU MBA programs) through IGNOU’s official admission portal (available online).

Link for IGNOU Admission Portal: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/index

A detailed explanation regarding the IGNOU MBA admission can be found on our Admission Procedure page.

IGNOU Distance MBA eligibility

Entrance Test

IGNOU has canceled the OPENMAT entrance exam for this year and no exam was conducted last year either. Presently, no entrance exam is required for IGNOU Distance MBAMM admission.

IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Medium of delivery

IGNOU offers MBA in Marketing Management program in the English language. Currently, the program is not being offered in any other languages. IGNOU Distance MBA programs are not available in Hindi or any other regional languages.

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Mode of Delivery

IGNOU takes great pride in the unique a varied approach to delivering their programs to the students, the same is true for the MBAMM program. Classes and study materials are distributed in a variety of different ways. Both online and offline sources are explored by IGNOU to deliver their programs making it much easier for any student to get their hands on useful self-learning materials. A few of IGNOU’s modes of delivery are given below.

  • Printed Materials: IGNOU designs several self-learning materials for its students, a large bulk of these learning materials are in the form of printed books or ebooks. Students are delivered with either a physical copy of the books or a digital one.
  • Audio and Visual Material Aids: Audio and visual materials have always been a unique feature of IGNOU MBA programs, they enhance the quality of learning and make it easier for students to grasp the printed materials. These Visual and audio aids are usually broadcasted through the learner support centers during scheduled counseling sessions. They can also be found through Doordarshan broadcasts and by tuning into certain stations of All India Radio broadcasts.
  • Counseling sessions: The counseling sessions scheduled by IGNOU are essential in encouraging interactability between students and the faculty. These counseling sessions can be found throughout the year, usually at their student support centers. To accommodate working professionals or learning students, they are held on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • eGyanKosh: The eGyanKosh is a large study-material archive provided by IGNOU. It aims to freely provide a wide collection of self-learning materials from over 2400 IGNOU courses to students, teachers, or any interested candidate. IGNOU MBAMM students can also find plenty of useful learning materials through eGyanKosh that can be downloaded for free.
  • IGNOU e-Content Mobile App: The e-Content app is a unique mobile app released by IGNOU. It efficiently distributes the learning materials to the students through the most used smart devices of today, i.e mobile devices. IGNOU e-Content app can be downloaded and installed into a mobile device from the app stores on their phones or tablets
IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Salient Features of the IGNOU MBAMM program

The IGNOU Distance MBA program comes with various unique features, the same applies to the MBAMM program. They are as follows:

  • The MBAMM program emphasizes the Marketing Management aspect 
  • Simple admission process
  • Recognized by UGC and AICTE
  • IGNOU programs reach across India and even at a few locations outside the country
  • IGNOU MBAMM program is affordable when compared to other similar programs
  • IGNOU MBAMM utilizes a comprehensive multi-media approach for delivering their courses
  • Audio and Visual aids enhance the learning experience
  • Face-to-face interaction with the teaching faculties
  • Year-round evaluation of the students through assignments
  • Exams can be attempted twice a year
  • Visual materials can be accessed freely through Doordarshan
  • Audio materials that can be accessed freely through All India Radio

IGNOU MBA Specialization Prospectus

IGNOU has recently revealed a detailed prospectus for the IGNOU Distance MBA Specialization programs. Interested candidates can visit IGNOU’s official website to download the MBA Specialization prospectus or visit the link given below.

Link for IGNOU MBA Specialization prospectus: http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/MBA%20Specialisation%20Prospectus.pdf

To know more about the IGNOU MBA prospectus, visit our Prospectus page.

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