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Now you can download OPENMAT previous year question papers for the last 15 years. In the section below we have collected most of the old question papers of  OPENMAT Entrance Test for MBA and other management programs.

You can use these previous year question papers in your preparation for upcoming OPENMAT entrance exams in 2019.

The next section in this page contains the links to download the old question papers.

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The question papers given below are in PDF format. You can easily download them by clicking the button next to each question paper.  

 OPENMAT Number and Year Question Paper Download Link
OPENMAT XLII 2017 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XLI 2017 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XL 2016 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXXI 2012 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXIX 2011 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXX 2011 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXVII 2010 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXV 2009 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXIII 2008 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXII 2007 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XXI 2007 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XX 2006 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XVI 2005 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XV 2004 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XIV 2004 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XIII 2003 Question Paper Download
OPENMAT XII 2003 Question Paper Download


All the question papers contain 200 questions with 4 sections namely :

  1. General Awareness
  2. English Language
  3. Quantitative Aptitude
  4. Reasoning Skills

Why You Should Use Old Question Papers

Previous year question papers are collected and refereed by almost any student who wishes to achieve best results in an examination. You have the following advantages if you are referring previous year question papers:  

Understand the Exam Pattern

Old question papers provide you with a ton of insight to how question papers are prepared. If you are smart enough in analysis, in some cases you may even be able to predict the questions for the upcoming exams. This way you have a total control of what you should learn for attending an exam.

Learn from the Questions

You can use the questions to learn from them. When you get the old questions you can try to find the answers by yourself or easily get them from guide books and question banks available in the market.

Practice to Analyze Yourself

You can analyze your performance by taking mock test by using the old question papers. You should be able to analyze your performance factors like : time efficiency, subject depth and awareness etc.

Not for General Knowledge and Awareness

While previous year question papers can be used efficiently for preparation for OPENMAT for subjects like English Language, Reasoning Skills and Quantitative Aptitude, it might not be the case for General Knowledge. Due to the ever changing nature of the subject “General Knowledge” you should refer other sources like newspapers, Year books etc. to get a grasp of the things happening around you. However you can use the exam pattern and syllabus to streamline the areas which you need to focus.

You should also refer to various other sources than old question papers for preparation for OPENMAT. The question papers given here for download are to be used as supplemental information only.

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