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To get admission to the IGNOU Distance MBA program, you must visit the IGNOU online admission portal, log in and fill out an admission form. The IGNOU Distance MBA admission form is lengthy and contains several sub-sections, the following are the sections that an applicant needs to fill:

  • Personal Details
  • Program Details
  • Qualification Details
  • Course Details 
  • Correspondence Details

More details regarding these sub-sections are given below. You can also find certain important tips that will help you while filling up the form.

Detailed information regarding the admission procedure for the IGNOU Distance MBA programs can be found on our Admission Procedure page.

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IGNOU Distance MBA Admission form

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After registering yourself into IGNOU’s admissions portal, an applicant can log into the application portal. After agreeing to a few necessary instructions, the applicant will be redirected toward the application form for IGNOU admission. The application form itself is divided into numerous sub-categories that the applicant must correctly fill, detailed information regarding the sub-categories is elaborated below.

Personal Details

Just as the name suggests, this section includes all the important personal details such as name, address, parent’s names, guardian’s name, nationality, date of birth, religious details, category details, disabilities (if the applicant is disabled), scholarship details (if any scholarship is applicable). 

Applicants are requested to fill the entire form carefully and review each field thoroughly, any international or unintentional mistake in the form will lead to the rejection of your application form

Program Details 
The second sub-section of the application form is regarding the program details and can be accessed after submitting the first section of the application form. 

In this section of the application form, applicants must fill in the details regarding the program that they intend to study. Candidates must fill in the details regarding the program type, mode of delivery, the name of the program itself (candidates must choose MBA or an MBA Specialization in this case), the medium in which the program is to be delivered, the regional center code, and the study center code.

Regional Center Code 
This is the code for the Regional Center under which your Study Center is functioning. This is the place where you would be submitting your Admission Application Form, Course Fee, and Other Documents. The list of the Regional Centers along with their codes is available in the prospectus.

Study Center Code|
This is the code for the Study Center from which you would like to attend counseling sessions and other learning activities. This center must be selected in such a way that it is easy for you to attend the weekend counseling sessions on the scheduled dates. The codes for the Study Centers are given in the Prospectus. We have also compiled the list of study centers here.

Qualification Details
Once you have filled out the details regarding the IGNOU MBA program you wish to gain admission to, submit, review and proceed to the third section of the IGNOU admission form. The next section contains qualification details, interested candidates must fill in details regarding thing present qualifications including the details regarding the qualifying field, year of passing, scores attained (in % format), division details, board details of the previous institutions, NAD information (if applicable). 

Thoroughly review before submitting and proceeding forward, the applicant is also given an option to edit their answers after submitting and before moving ahead to the next section. 

Course Details |
After filling out the details regarding your qualifications, you will be given the course details for the first semester of your MBA program. All the courses in the first semester of the IGNOU Distance MBA program are core courses (course code MMPC-001 to MMPC-007). Candidates cannot make any changes in this section as there are no electives or specialization courses in the first semester of the program. Each of the 7 courses has a credit weightage of 4 and the total credit weightage for the first semester of the IGNOU Distance MBA program is 28.

After thoroughly reading the details regarding the courses in the first semester of the IGNOU Distance MBA program, you can submit the section and move ahead towards the next part of the application form.

Correspondence Details
The correspondence section of the application form deals with the address of the applicant. You must fill in a detailed address of your present residence including the building number/name, street number/ name, city/town, district, state of residence, and the PIN code. The details filled in this section must be correct, mistakes (intentional or unintentional) may lead to the applicant not receiving important study materials or even a letter of information from IGNOU. Applicants must also make sure that they are presently residing at this address without any chance of moving away before completing their program.

Review this section very well before moving ahead with the application form. This is the address through which IGNOU is expected to reach you.

Uploading the Necessary Documents in the Application

Filling out the first five sub-sections of the application form completes the “filling out” portion of the application. Carefully review all the sections that you’ve filled out as IGNOU allows the applicants to return to the already filled out sections and make corrections if necessary. Once the thorough review of the application form is done, applicants can move forward to the next section which involves the uploading of all the required documents to the application form. 

Applicants are expected to possess scanned copies of all the required documents. please note that documents must not exceed a certain file size (100 KB for photographs and signatures and 200 KB for certificates), the application will not allow the uploading of files that exceeds the maximum file size recommended by IGNOU. 

Documents to be submitted with the Admission Application Form

Given below is the checklist of important documents to be attached along with the admission application form for the IGNOU Distance MBA program. Scanned copies of the following are required:

  1. Photograph (100 KB)
  2. Signature (100 KB)
  3. Age Proof (200 KB)
  4. Category Certificate (200 KB)
    (For SC/ST/OBC Candidates)
  5. Educational Qualification Certificates (200 KB)
  6. Experience Certificate (200 KB)
    (For Non-Professional Graduates, For details see: Eligibility Criteria)
  7. BPL Certificates (200 KB) (for BPL candidates)

Preview Section 

Once all the necessary documents are uploaded and reviewed, the candidates can move to the preview section of the application form. As the name suggests, this section allows the applicants to preview the entire application form from the start. Applicants are not encouraged to skip through this section without properly reviewing their entire applicant once again. Any errors or mistakes must be corrected before making the final submission of the form.

Application Fee Section   

The final section of the application form is the fee section. Every applicant must pay an application fee before submitting their application form. Candidates can pay the application fee through the following means.

  • Credit Card (Visa and Master Card)
  • Debit Card (Visa, Master Card, and Rupay)
  • NetBanking

IMPORTANT NOTE: Forging incorrect information or the suppression of any information shall lead to the rejection of the application form.

To know more about the fee structure of the IGNOU Distance MBA program, visit our Fee Structure page.

Please Note: Our Homepage contains information on various other management and MBA programs from IGNOU


Eligible candidates can apply for IGNOU Distance MBA admission through the admission portal of IGNOU.

Yes, you must upload scanned copies of your photographs and all the necessary documents while applying for IGNOU MBA admission.

The documents that a candidate must possess while applying for IGNOU Distance MBA admission are Scanned Photograph, Scanned Signature, Scanned copy of age proof, Scanned copy of qualifications, Scanned copy of experience certificates,Scanned copy of BPL certificate (if any), Scanned copy of category certificate (if any)

The necessary documents required for an SC/ST candidate while applying for the IGNOU Distance MBA program are as follows: Scanned Photograph , Scanned Signature , Scanned copy of age proof , Scanned copy of qualification certificates , Scanned copy of category certificate (required) , Scanned copy of BPL certificate (if applicable) , Scanned copy of experience certificate (if any)

The necessary documents required for seeking admission to the IGNOU Distance MBF program are as follows:, Scanned Photograph , Scanned Signature , Scanned copy of age proof , Scanned copy of qualifications , Scanned copy of experience certificates (required) , Scanned copy of BPL certificate (if any) , Scanned copy of category certificate (if any) , Scanned copy of certificates showing that the candidate has cleared the CAIIB exam conducted by IIBM.

Details regarding the regional center code and student center code are given in detail on our [admission form and procedure] page.

The last date for IGNOU MBA admission 15th July 2024 (January 2024 session).

Candidates can apply for the IGNOU Distance MBA program through the IGNOU official admission portal.

The OPENMAT exam has been canceled for now and is not a requirement for IGNOU MBA admission.

Any mistakes or false information shall proceed to the rejection of the application. Makes sure to carefully review the application form before submitting it.

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