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IGNOU, the leading distance education university in India offers Executive MBA Program in IT Management. The EMBA IT program is in collaboration with U21 Global, a Singapore based Online education provider.

This online MBA from IGNOU targets professionals from the ever growing IT sector who wish to take leadership roles in their organizations.

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Fee Structure

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The total fee is  ₹ 2,55,000 when paid as a lump sum.

You also have option to pay the fee as two installments of  ₹ 1,29,413 in which case the total fee would be  ₹ 2,58,826.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to enroll for Executive MBA IT, you should meet  the following eligibility requirements:

  1. You should be a graduate (Bachelors Degree) in Information Technology. You should also have 2 years professional/ managerial/ supervisory experience.
  2. If you are not a graduate but have completed the 10+2 scheme and have 6 years supervisory or managerial or professional experience in IT, then you too are eligible.
  3. People of all ages can apply for the EMBA IT program.

Program Delivery

The program is divided into two group of modules. The IGNOU module and the U21 Global module. The IGNOU modules are offered by IGNOU through Open Distance Learning Mode (Distance Education). The IGNOU course material will be provided to your registered address.  The U21 modules are delivered online. You will be provided with a user id and password for accessing the class materials like textbooks and U21s E library.

Program Structure

The program contains two module groups, the IGNOU Module and the U21 Global Module. The modules are simply the subjects to be learned during the program. The following table lists the tables.

U21 Global Modules

  1. Information Systems Architecture
  2. Building Information Systems
  3. Managing Knowledge
  4. Enterprise Information Technology
  5. Information Technology and Reengineering
  6. Information Technology Planning
  7. Supply Chain Management
  8. B2B eStrategy
  9. B2C eStrategy

IGNOU Modules

  1. Organisational Dynamics
  2. Advanced Strategic Management
  3. International Business
  4. Technology Management
  5. Economic and Social Environment
  6. International Finance Management

Program Evaluation

There are two types of evaluation methods for EMBA IT program. The U21 Global evaluation and IGNOU Evaluation.

The evaluation by U21 Global is based on:

  1. Your daily discussions on their discussion board.
  2. Case Studies which are to be conducted after every 3 modules.
  3. Project

The evaluation by IGNOU is based on the assignments submitted in the due schedule.

Program Completion and Certification

The students who complete the program are provided with two certifications:

  1. Executive MBA in IT from IGNOU.
  2. Executive Certificate in Global IT Management from U21 Global.

Who Should do Executive MBA in IT

IT is an ever booming industry with its applications in almost any place imaginable. The Executive Masters program is suitable for you if you belong to the ever growing group of IT professionals with an intention to bring about innovation to the industry by adopting yourself to the leadership roles. The EMBA program is sure to empower you with ideas and insight about leading your IT organization.

Please Note: You can get more details about the different MBAs offered by IGNOU on our home page.

Admission Details

Admission is given to the eligible candidates. The details of current intake are not available. Please visit the official website of IGNOU or U21 Global for more details.

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