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IGNOU MBA in Hospitality Management is a combined regular and distance MBA program offered in collaboration with the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India.

India is making strong waves across the world with its social and economic excellence, thus the annual tourist visits to India have tripled in less than a decade and is expected to reach new heights soon. With the increase in annual tourist visits the tourism sector also has to growing a similar pace. This growing demand needs lots of fresh and efficient hospitality managers to fulfill the needs of the in flowing tourists. The MBAHM program is formulated by IGNOU  for developing such efficient tourism and hospitality managers to satisfy the growing tourism demand.


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Fee Structure

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Total course completion fee: ₹ 284,000

MBAHM is offered in a well affordable fee structure. The total course completion fee is much lesser than the regular MBA program fee. The program fee per year is ₹ 130,000 per year with an additional ₹ 12,000 per year as INGOU component fee.

Eligibility Criteria

To get admission you should fulfill the eligibility criteria for the program as given below:

  1. Graduation in any stream.
  2. No age restrictions.

Program Delivery

The program is in collaboration with Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI). The program is a regular MBA program with distance contents included from IGNOU. The selection process will also be on the basis of FHRAI entrance test. The program is an in-campus program and the classes will be held in FHRAI Institute of Hospitality Management (F-IHM). All the classes will be conducted in F-IHM standards within the campus.

Program Duration

Similar to all other MBA programs provided by IGNOU the course duration is 2 years. And the maximum duration with in which all the courses of the programs have to be completed is 4 years.

Course duration: 2 years

Maximum duration: 4 years

Admission procedure

The selection for MBAHM is done through an entrance test conducted by  FHRAI (FHRAI-ET).

Course structure

Like other regular MBA programs the MBAHM program is also divided into 4 semesters with duration of 6 months each. The total duration of the program is 2 years. Each semester having a specific number of courses which is to be cleared for the completion of the program. The total duration to clear all the courses is 4 years.

Why Should I Choose MBA HM?

The program focuses on the tourism sector which includes important commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, tourism agencies and other tourism based industries. Thus, MBAHM is well suited for a graduate in hotel management, food production and other similar courses, as MBAHM can enhance their capabilities to a new level. The program is also quite useful for those who already have enough experience in the tourism and hospitality sector and gives them a wonderful opportunity to achieve the prosperous career they dreamed about.

Career prospects

The program is designed for producing quality hospitality and tourism managers in mind and the courses are redesigned from the regular MBA courses to fulfill this purpose. After completion an MBAHM graduate is expected to have a prosperous career in tourism and hospitality sector as tourism managers, hotel managers and resort managers, large-scale tour coordinators in India and abroad. They can also expect high level management career such as a senior tourism managers.

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