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IGNOU MBA specializations are the Master of Business Administration Programs offered by IGNOU, allowing you to specialize in a specific field of your choice.

IGNOU offers a wide range of specialized MBA programs. Some of these programs are provided through collaborations with various other institutions in India, while IGNOU itself provides most. The specialty of these MBAs is that they are tailor-made to meet the requirements of a specific industry. For example, an [MBA in Human Resource Management (MBAHM)] would deal with the management aspects of the human resource field. The student would learn how to manage the human resource scenarios in an organization to be a better HR manager.

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MBA Specializations Offered by IGNOU

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IGNOU allows you to specialize in your MBA program. The following table lists out the the different types of MBA that you can obtain from IGNOU. Know more about the courses below.


Specialization Program
MBA in Human Resource Management (MBAHM)
MBA in Financial Management (MBAFM)
MBA in Marketing Management (MBAMM)
MBA in Operations Management (MBAOM)
MBA in  Aviation Business Management
MBA in Banking and Finance
MBA in Biotechnology Management
MBA in Corporate Governance
MBA in Entrepreneurship
MBA in Financial Markets
MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management (MBAHHM)
MBA in Hospitality Management (MBAHM)
MBA in Insurance
MBA in Information Technology Management
MBA in Management Accounting and Finance
MBA in Network Infrastructure Management
MBA in Retail Management
MBA in Textile Management
MBA in Services Management
MBA in Marketing/Finance/HR/Productions and Operations Management
MBA in Telecom Management

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There has been a talk going around the academic community whether there should exist a specialization MBA or just simply a generic MBA program that suites all. There are many arguments in favor and against MBA Specializations. In this section we discuss the main merits of choosing a Specialization.

Focused Career

Your career will be sharply focused in one field. This is an advantage for people who have huge interests in certain fields. For example if you are in the IT field and you simply love the world of IT business then you can chose the IT Management specialization which could help you get in the shoes of a leader. However if you are a person who wish to switch field after a stint, then the general MBA from IGNOU is the better option for you.

Deeper and Specific Skill Set

In a specialized program, you get more indepth knowledge and specific skills that are required for a certain industry. This would be an extra edge for you as long as you stay in the industry of your specialization.

Industry Demand

The specialization of MBA is a result of the demand for talented and skillful management professionals from various industries. More the demand from the industry that you choose to specialize, more would be the prospects of you landing a great job in various management roles.

There are also some disadvantages with specialization, we have listed them below:

Disadvantage of Specialization

Narrow Scope

The greatest disadvantage of specialization is that you would feel like being tied to a peg. Your whole career would spiral into an industry itself. Some people have the tendency to shift the fields after some time, being an MBA specialized in a field you would find it difficult to make the transition compared to a general MBA program.

How To Choose Your Area

This is a very important question come across by many people, simply because this decides the route which your career takes. You should definitely consider the following while choosing your specialization.

Your Interests

Yes! Your interests is everything that matters. If you have an inclination towards and industry and if you are confident about your performance you should definitely go for it.


If you are not so specific or have multiple interests, then you should choose the industry with more opportunities. This will ensure that you can always find a job or switch between jobs easily.

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