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IGNOU MBA in Banking and Finance is the distance learning MBAprogram especially created for Bankers and other executives related to the banking/ finance sector. This program is exclusively created targeting the professionals from the banking sector.

Banking and financial sector in our country is expected to grow because a large part of our community who are not using the service is likely to utilize it in the near future. To create an efficient and transparent banking and financial system well trained and efficient managers are needed.

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Fee Structure

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Total course fee: ₹ 62,000

The MBA in Banking and Finance program (MBF) consists of 28 courses in total, IGNOU hasn’t provided a course-wise fee breakdown of its new fee structure. Visit our Course Structure page to know more about IGNOU MBF course structure.

Fee per semester (4 in Total):

First semester: ₹ 15,500
Second semester: ₹ 15,500
Third semester: ₹ 15,500
Fourth semester: ₹ 15,500

IGNOU’s new MBA fee structure attempts to simplify the fee structure of its MBA program by making it uniform for all semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

IGNOU MBA in Banking and Finance follow a slightly complicated eligibility criterion:

  1. Candidate should’ve passed his/her bachelor degree of three years with at 50% marks  (45% for candidates from reserved category) from a reputed institution.
  2. He/she should’ve cleared the CAIIB examination conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBM) and must possess the requisite credentials awarded by the institution.
  3. The candidate should have the minimum working experience of 2 years in banking and finance sector.

If you don’t have the qualifications like being member of IIB and clearing  CAAIB, you can try the general Master of Business Administration from IGNOU .

To know more about the eligibility criterion of IGNOU’s MBA programs, visit our Eligibilty Criteria page.

Program Duration

Minimum course duration: 2 years (4 Semesters)

Maximum course duration: 4 years

Students need to attend 4 semesters in total, each lasting 6 months. Each semester needs to be registered separately, they have to register for the programme in the first semester and then must re-register for each subsequent semesters. 

Students can exit the programme after completing the first 2 semesters to obtain a Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDIM) certificate, if he/she wishes to do so. This exit option is only available on the specific request of the student.

Admission Procedure

Admission for the MBF program can be sough through IGNOU official admission window. All Candidates must first register themselves into the admission portal and then carefully fill in the admission form. Candidates must all upload all necessary documents and certificates in the form and then pay the admission fee online.  

Note: For IGNOU MBA in Banking and Finance, students must register for the programme in first semester (includes 7 courses) and the re-register for the remaining 3 semesters afterwards.

Our Admission Procedure page elaborates on the admission procedure for the IGNOU MBA programs. For assistance regarding the IGNOU MBA admission form, go to our Admission Form and Procedure page.

Application Forms

Candidates can apply for the IGNOU MBA in Banking and Finance (MBF) programme through IGNOU online admission portal. 

Link: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/

Course structure

Similar to the MBA programme, the MBA in Banking and Finance also follow a semester based system. There are 4 semesters in total, each lasting for 6 months and contains a total of 7 courses. Students need to complete 28 courses (subjects) in total to complete the program, in which 20 of them are core courses code names MMPC-001 to MMPC-020 (common courses for all MBA programs) , 7 of them are specialisation courses (courses that directly deals with the Banking and Finance specialisation) and 1 project course code names MMPP-001 (project course is equal to 2 courses). 

Each one of the courses carry a credit weightage of 4 with the exception of the project course (MMPP-001), which has a credit weightage of 8. Total credit weightage of the program 116. 

Students complete the courses MMPC-001 to MMPC-007 in their first semester, second semester include courses MMPC-008 to MMPC-014 (all the mentioned courses being core courses. Third semester contain 2 core courses (MMPC-015 and MMPC-016), one project course (MMPP-001) and 4 specialisation courses (shall be announced at a later date). Finally, fourth semester include the remaining 4 core courses (MMPC-017 to MMPC-020) and the 3 remaining specialisation courses. 

For further details on courses and syllabus, visit “MBA syllabus and Course structure pages” in our website.

For further details on courses and syllabus, visit our website’s Course Structure and Syllabus pages.

Who should Seek Admission and Why?

The MPB program a combination between regular MBA programs with banking and finance, so that you can use your banking and finance knowledge in an effective and more efficient manner. The program is meant for banking and finance graduate members from IIFB who have already cleared the CAIIB examination as a post graduate financial and banking program. In-service banking and financial personals are the desired candidates for this program as it is meant to enhance their management skills.

Career prospects

The program is specifically targeted for CAIIB certificate holders who are willing to pursue a post-graduation in banking and finance. Completion of the MBA BF would help you to rise the leadership roles in your company or bank.

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Yes, you can continue your employment in the banking and finance sector while pursuing the IGNOU MBF program

No, the OPENMAT examination is not a requirement for the IGNOU MBF program but you must clear the CAIIB exam conducted by IIBM

Yes, the IGNOU Distance MBF program is recognized by UGC and AICTE

Yes, you do need to clear the CAIIB exam conducted by IIBM to be eligible for the IGNOU MBF program

Yes, you do need to have at least 2 years of work experience in the banking and finance sector to opt for the IGNOU MBF program

Interested candidates can apply for IGNOU MBF admission through IGNOU’s official admission portal

Yes, the IGNOU Distance MBF program is a unique specialization program for the banking and finance field

No, the medium of delivery for the IGNOU MBF program is English

Yes, IGNOU has specifically designed the MBF program for aspiring candidates who wish to propel themselves forward within the world of banking and finance

Both the MBA and the MBF programs offered by IGNOU are excellent in their own space. While the MBA program is designed for a broader spectrum of aspirants, the MBF programs specifically target the banking and finance sector

No, the MBF program by IGNOU is offered through a combination of both online and offline sources

Yes, the IGNOU MBF program will bestow you with numerous tools that will help you in achieving your career goals

Yes, the IGNOU Distance MBF program is perfectly valid in India or abroad

The total fee for the IGNOU Distance MBF program is ₹ 62,000

IGNOU Distance MBF program is a unique specialization MBA program for banking and finance. Unlike other specialization MBA programs from IGNOU, the MBF program specifically targets ambitious working professionals from the banking and finance sector

The most important difference between the IGNOU MBA and the MBF program is the unique syllabus of the MBF program that emphasizes banking and finance. IGNOU MBF program also has a different eligibility criterion when compared to the MBA program

The eligibility criterion for the IGNOU Distance MBF program are as follows:nCompletion of a 3-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum score of 50% (45% for reserved categories)nClearing the CAIIB exam conducted by IIBMnAt least 2 years of work experience in the banking and finance sector

The last date to apply for the IGNOU Distance MBF program is 15th July 2024.

The syllabus for IGNOU’s MBF programs can be found on our [syllabus] page. It can also be found in the IGNOU’s distance MBF prospectus

IGNOU’s distance MBF program is targeted toward ambitious professionals already employed in the banking and finance sector

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