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IGNOU MBA in Biotechnology  is the management program for executives or graduates or post graduates in the field of Biotechnology. 

As the importance of medical science is increasing every day, new discoveries are made every week, medical equipments rely heavily on technological advancements. In such a scenario a highly efficient medical research and development sector is important for the well-being of the citizens of a country and also to compete with the rest of the world.

Today India is a country with a huge number of medical service users and is expected to rise every year. Thus, a large amount of medical research and development workforce is required in the near future.

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To be eligible for this specialized MBA from IGNOU, you have to have a Bachelors or Masters Degree with at least 55% marks or equivalent grades, in any of the following disciplines:


  • Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
  • Any Branch of Life Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Engineering and technology

Program Duration

Minimum program duration: 2 years

Maximum program duration: 3 years

IGNOU follows semester system with each semester running 6 months long. The program has 4 semesters in total making the total program minimum duration as 2 years.

Fee Structure

The total fee for the 4 semesters is ₹ 2,12,440.

Program Delivery

The  MBA program is offered by IGNOU Advanced Centre for Informatics and Innovative Learning (ACIIL) and International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT, Pune.)

Who should choose and why?

The program is a specialized MBA program in biotechnology management and it specially designed for those who already completed a Biotechnology, Medical or Pharmaceutical program at graduation or post-graduation level. In-service personals at research, medical equipment manufacturing and medicinal pharmacy can also seek admission for the program for a career push.

The MBA (Biotechnology ) helps you build management skills necessary for coming into managerial or leadership in firms dealing with Biotechnology. In addition to this, you would be part of an ever developing field of technology , If you are lucky, you could even be a part of something that is hugely helpful for humanity.

For Further Details

You can obtain further details of the program from IGNOU official website or I2IT Website.

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