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The study materials for MBA from IGNOU is distributed to all the candidates admitted to the program. The program fee is inclusive of the study material cost.

Here we list the books available for MBA other than IGNOU study materials. Various other publishers have published their own books for the different subjects in the MBA program.

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Books for IGNOU Distance MBA by Private Publishers

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There are mainly two private publishers publishing books exclusively for IGNOU’s MBA program. They are:

  1. Neeraj Books
  2. Gullybaba Publishing House

Read more about these books in the sections below.

IGNOU MBA Books by Neeraj Books

Neeraj Books is a publisher that publishes books some exclusive books dedicated for IGNOU students. They have published guides for OPENMAT Entrance Exam and other programs offered by IGNOU.

They have published separate books for each of the subjects in the MBA and Management prospectus of IGNOU. The books for each subject can be easily identified from their titles because they are named after the subject codes like MS 91, 92 etc as exactly in the MBA syllabus.

All these books are available online for purchase at Amazon.in. Each book costs around   ₹100 – ₹150 .


IGNOU MBA Books by Gullybaba Publishing House

Like Neeraj Books, Gullybaba Publishing House is also publishing exclusive books for IGNOU MBA program. There is a book published for every subject as per the management syllabus of IGNOU.These are named exactly after the subject titles given in the syllabus, so it is easy to identify  the book easily. The books are published as a paperback edition.

These books are also available for purchase on Amazon.in. Each book costs around ₹100 – ₹150 . 

Please note that the above books are by private publishers and not the official study material provided by IGNOU.

Free Books and Study Materials for MBA

Free study materials are usually dispatched to the registered candidates. Currently  we could not find any free books or materials. We will update this section as soon as we find some. Stay tuned.

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