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If you are an experienced professional in any industry, and if you wish to go ahead in the career ladder, then Executive MBA from IGNOU is a very good option for you. An executive MBA prepares you to rise to the top roles in an organisation. You no longer would be a simple technical staff of the organisation. It empowers you with top leadership skills and managerial skills which will allow you to lead your organisation from the front.

Executive MBA programs by IGNOU are mostly done in collaboration with other leading Management education providers like NIIT, U21 Global etc. The biggest advantage for executives is that these programs are designed in such a way that they don’t require you to compromise your present organisational responsibilities as these programs are offered as Part time.

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Executive MBA Options Offered by IGNOU

The executive MBA program offered by IGNOU allows you to specialize in a particular field. You can choose the following specializations while opting for an Executive MBA from IGNOU.

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Executive MBA in HR

HR specialization is meant for candidates who wish to be part of making a great organization. It begins right from recruitment to employee relations. Know more in the link below:

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Executive MBA in IT

Information Technology  is present in almost every field imaginable. There is a growing demand for IT professionals with technical skills along with great management skills.

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Executive MBA in Hospitality Mangement

India is a one of the most sought after tourism destinations in the world. The increase in the number of tourist has created a lot of job opportunities. The tourism and hospitality sector needs effective managers to lead it properly. This executive program enables the candidate for the tourism sector.

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Executive MBA in Marketing

A company succeeds not when developing great products or services but when these products are marketed exceptionally well. Candidates with a taste for marketing may opt for this.

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Executive MBA in Finance

Executives in the finance field are the ones who take care of the investments, their ROIs. They have a great role in management of a project and making decisions regarding the project.

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Out of the above four programs, Executive MBA HR/Marketing/Finance are offered in collaboration with NIIT and the IT Management MBA is in collaboration with U21 Global.

If you are a fresher and would like to do MBA, IGNOU offers distance programs and other specialization programs. for more details visit : MBA from IGNOU

Who should do an Executive MBA

While the executive program offers a lot of advantages, its only applicable if you are the right candidate. The following group of people would find it highly propelling to have an EMBA.


If you are passionate about building up your own business around amazing products and services then an executive MBA will provide you with the necessary skills in business.

Family Business Managers

Your family has been in business for long and if you need to really lead your organisation you need to have the skills and exposure to the new business techniques and strategies.

Technical Professionals

You might have a lot of experience and technical expertise in your field. You could come to the leadership roles in your organisation by getting the right set of skills and business exposure.

Why an Executive MBA

Doing an executive MBA can have a lot of positive impacts on both your professional and personal life.

Exposure to latest business ideas and strategies

The programs are designed to inculcate and inspire latest ideas and strategies in business. You will be able to apply these ideas in your organisation and make necessary changes.

Learn from the leaders/CEOs in the field

You will have the unique experience of learning from the industry leaders and experts. This provides you a huge insight into the roles performed by the top heads of an organisation.

No Need to compromise your existing job/position

Executive MBAs are offered as Part Time / online courses and do not require you to compromise your existing job or engagement. This helps you to put your learning experience directly into your workplace.

Increase in salary

Reports indicate that candidates with an executive MBA have experienced salary increases of upto 50%. After you obtain the  executive MBA, you are no longer the “Old You”. You will much valued by your company considering the skill set and experience you have acquired during the program.


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Yes, IGNOU’s executive MBA programs are specifically designed for working professionals

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Candidates can apply for IGNOU’s MBA program through IGNOU’s online admission portal

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The executive MBA program is shorter and is primarily meant for working executives while the distance MBA program is for a broader group of aspirants

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Yes, IGNOU’s executive MBA program is an excellent MBA program that is often considered to be one of the best in the country

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Yes, executive MBA programs are often considered among the few career-propelling programs for a managerial professional

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It will be very difficult to compare IGNOU’s distance executive program with a regular executive MBA program from IIM. Rest assured that both programs are excellent in their own right

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IGNOU’s executive program is one of the most affordable executive MBA programs available in India

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No, there is no age limit for the IGNOU executive MBA program

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No, there is no entrance exam for the IGNOU Executive MBA program

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The specialization offered for the IGNOU Executive MBA program is as follows:Human Resource Management,Marketing,Finance,Information Technology,Hospitality Management

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The executive MBA program is a unique MBA program that is specifically targeted toward employed aspirants who wish to leap forward within their respective fields

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The total fee for the IGNOU executive MBA program is ₹ 1,80,000 (as per the last know report)

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The duration of the IGNOU executive MBA program is 18 months

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The executive MBA program by IGNOU targets working professionals that are ambitious and wishes to propel themselves ahead in our competitive world

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The executive MBA program by IGNOU comes with numerous advantages. The quality of the program and the global scope that it presents to the learners are a few of them

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