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IGNOU Executive MBA in Hospitality Management is a 1 year executive program exclusively created for the people who work or aspire to work in the hospitality Industry.

India has been a fascinating destination for tourists and travelers, .It’s estimated that annually India is been visited by more than 7 million foreign visitors which makes India one of the most visited country in the world.

As of now tourism sector in India is the direct job provider of more than a million and many more indirectly and the number of employees in the sector is expected to increase as the tourism sector is expected to grow in a faster pace. There should be improvement for workforce in the sector so that a more transparent and efficient tourism industry can be formed. IGNOU designed EMBAHM program keeping the same idea in mind.

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Fee Structure

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The total program completion fee is ₹ 142,000.

Here ₹ 130,000 is the program fee charged by FHRAI and  ₹12,000 is the fee for IGNOU component which makes the total fee amount of ₹ 142,000.


Eligibility for Admission

Graduation (3 years) in any stream with minimum 3 years of experience in hospitality industry.


Graduation (4 years) in hospitality with 2 years of experience in the hospitality industry.


Diploma (3 years) in hospitality from any recognized government institution with 5 years of experience in hospitality industry (all the students in this category have to complete 4 additional courses within their duration of study).

Attention: If you are not eligible for this program, visit our page on other MBA programs offered by IGNOU.

Program Delivery

The program is in collaboration with Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI), Noida. The program is a regular EMBA program conducted within FHRAI institute, Noida premises with various distance education components provided by IGNOU. Classes and other activities of the program will be conducted in face-to-face interactive mode and the medium of communication/instruction will be English.

Program Duration

Minimum program duration: 1 year

Maximum program duration: 3 years 

The minimum duration at which the program can be completed is 1 year in which a student can finish all the courses in the program. And the maximum duration in which all the students have to finish the entire program is 3 years.

Who should choose and why?

The program targets in-service personals from various hospitality industries as the basic eligibility criterion is 2 to 5 years of experience in hospitality industry. The program is designed with the basic idea of improving and to provide better training and knowledge for those who already have experience in hospitality industry. The program is also a perfect choice for those who are planning to shift their job within hospitality industry.

Career Prospects

The program is designed for those who are already in the hospitality industry for a considerable amount of time and performs the basic function of improving the knowledge of the in-service personal and help them to achieve a better and brighter career within the tourism industry. After completion EMBAHM program you can experience career growth with a good chance of being promoted to various senior manager designations.

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