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IGNOU offers various other management programs in addition to the MBA programs. These programs are mostly diploma programs and other programs in the bachelors and masters level.

This page is dedicated for all the management programs other than MBA from IGNOU.

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Management Programs Offered by IGNOU

Given below are the management programs other than MBA, offered by IGNOU.

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Diploma in Management Programs

The School of Management Studies (SOMS) under IGNOU offers various Diploma programs in management. There are different specializations as well as a general Diploma available. The syllabus of these programs contain several of the subjects contained in the MBA program of IGNOU.

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Bachelor of Business Administration

IGNOU SOMS also offers BBA/BBM program with specialization in Retailing. This is a bachelor level program for students who completed the 10+2 scheme. There is a slightly different selection procedure for the program. You can get more details about selection procedure and other info on the page below. Use the button below to navigate to the page.

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Master of Tourism Management (MTM)

India is a one of the most sought after tourism destinations in the world. The increase in the number of tourist has created a lot of job opportunities. The tourism and hospitality sector needs effective managers to lead it properly. This executive program enables the candidate for the tourism sector.

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Why IGNOU for Management Programs?

The importance of conventional degree programs from brick and mortar institutions is on a downward trend. Having a degree from the best institutes won’t sometimes land you a job. It all depends on the skills you have. If you have the right set of skills, then companies won’t care about your degree or educational qualification. All they need is someone to get the Job done perfectly.

With the above scenario in place, the significance of parallel and alternate institutions like IGNOU is on the rise. IGNOU offers opportunity for those who are not able to attend regular courses to get a degree or qualification.

Save Time

The students choosing IGNOU has a significant advantage of time. You can save a lot of time as you don’t have to attend regular classes. In most cases, you only need to attend the counselling sessions conducted in the weekends and then appear for the exams.

Easy on Your Wallet

IGNOU is especially helpful for you if you are not in a financial situation to attend regular programs. The fee structures of the programs are very low compared to the regular programs.

Academic Quality of the Programs

The quality of the study materials dispatched by IGNOU are of the highest quality. This is often attested by the faculties of other prominent institutions who use IGNOU’s notes for teaching their students and even highly recommend using study materials prepared by IGNOU.

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