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Every business needs to operate through a variety of circumstances while still retaining the maximum efficiency possible, a manager who is specifically tasked to achieve such a goal is known as the operations manager. An adept operations manager is skilled in converting an organization’s operating efficiency into profit and such managers are always in demand, both in India and abroad. IGNOU has specifically tailor-made an MBA Specialization program for managers who wish to dive deeper into the world of operations management. 


The MBA in Operations Management (or MBAOM) is an alternative to IGNOU’s distance MBA program that is targeted toward aspirants who wish to specifically learn operations management while still grasping all the important basics of business administration. The MBAOM program follows a similar yet modified syllabus compared to the distance MBA program offered by IGNOU. Detailed information regarding the IGNOU Distance MBA in Operations Management (MBAOM) is given below. 

If you are interested in seeking admission to the IGNOU MBAOM program, visit our Admission Procedure page for more information.

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IGNOU Distance MBA Fees

Course Fee


Like the other MBA and MBA specialization programs offered by IGNOU, the total fee for the IGNOU MBA OM program is ₹ 62,000. A fee of ₹ 15,500 must be paid each semester for a total of four semesters.

A details breakdown of the IGNOU Distance MBA fee structure is given on our Fee Structure page.

IGNOU Distance MBA Duration

Program Duration

2-4 years

Similar to other IGNOU MBA programs, the minimum duration of the IGNOU MBAOM program is 2 years (divided into four semesters, each lasting for 6 months). The maximum duration available for a student to complete the program is 4 years.

IGNOU Distance MBA prospectus

Program Structure

All the IGNOU MBA Specialization programs share the same basic course structure but contain different specialization courses. The unique specialization courses separate each MBA Specialization from one another.  The basic course structure of the IGNOU MBAOM program is as follows:

  • There is a total of 28 courses in the MBAOM program
  • There is a total of 19 core courses (same for all MBA Specialization programs, 8 specialization courses (unique courses that concentrate on operations management), and a single project course (MMPP-001).
  • Students attend a total of 7 courses per semester.
  • The total credit weightage of the MBAOM program is 116.
  • The credit weightage of a single course is 4.

Please note that to complete the IGNOU MBA in Operations Management program, the student must finish all 28 courses within the maximum duration of the program. Students who achieve the above shall be awarded the IGNOU MBA in Operations Management degree.

A more detailed analysis of the MBAOM course structure can be found on our Course Structure page (which includes details regarding the different core and specialization courses).


IGNOU Distance MBA Admission Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

IGNOU has recently simplified the eligibility criteria for their MBA programs by completely removing the need for the OPENMAT exams. Anyone with a 3-year bachelor’s degree from any recognized institution in any field can apply for the IGNOU Distance MBA program (including the MBAOM program). 

The minimum score (in your bachelor’s degree) requirement for IGNOU MBAOM admission is 50% for the general categories and 45% for reserved categories. 

Details regarding the IGNOU MBA eligibility criteria are elaborated on our Eligibility Criteria page, giving a visit might be helpful for interested candidates.


ignou distance mba regional centers

IGNOU MBA in Operations Management Admission

All interested candidates can apply for IGNOU MBA in Operations Management (MBAOM) admission through IGNOU’s official admission portal which either is accessed from IGNOU’s official website or through the link given below.

Link for IGNOU’s Admission Portal: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/index

A broader explanation regarding the IGNOU MBA admission process can be found on our Admission Procedure page, kindly give it a visit.

IGNOU Distance MBA eligibility

Entrance Test

IGNOU has canceled the OPENMAT entrance exam that was previously required for IGNOU Distance MBA admission. Presently, no entrance exam is required for IGNOU MBA admission (applies for IGNOU MBAOM program).

IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Medium of delivery

All IGNOU Distance MBA programs are delivered in the English language, this includes the IGNOU MBAOM program as well. Unfortunately, IGNOU does not offer its MBA programs in any other language. Candidates interested in learning the program in Hindi or any other regional language might need to look elsewhere.

ignou correspondence mba important dates

Mode of Delivery

IGNOU’s great experience and thoughtful approach to delivering its programs across the country have culminated in a program delivery system that is unique to IGNOU. IGNOU utilizes several different approaches to take its courses to students, all working in tandem to ease the learning process for the students. Following are the most common ways in which IGNOU delivers its distance MBA programs.

  • Printed Materials: Printed books are one of the most common forms of IGNOU learning materials. They can be delivered in both physical and digital forms depending on the student’s preference and availability. 
  • Audio and Visual Material Aids: To simplify the learning process, IGNOU makes extensive use of visual and audio aids that are regularly broadcasted at the learner support centers during scheduled counseling sessions. These visual and audio materials are also freely available through Doordarshan telecasts and All India Radio broadcasts.
  • Counseling sessions: IGNOU recognizes that it is important to have face-to-face interactions between students and faculty members to create a healthy learning scenario. For the same reason, IGNOU schedules various counseling sessions through student support centers. Weekends are chosen for these counseling sessions as it accommodates working professionals.
  • eGyanKosh: Study materials for over 2400 IGNOU courses can be accessed through the eGyanKosh repository. The materials are free to download and use for anyone including the IGNOU MBA students. IGNOU MBAOM students can also use eGyanKosh to broaden their self-learning resources.
  • IGNOU e-Content Mobile App: IGNOU has emphasized the importance of personal mobile devices in today’s world. It is, for this reason, the IGNOU e-Content Mobile App was designed. The app is an easily accessible source for students to obtain their learning materials. The e-Content Mobile App can be easily downloaded onto any mobile device through the official app stores.
IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Salient Features of the IGNOU MBAOM program

IGNOU MBA programs come with many unique features that can’t be found elsewhere, a large number of these special features also trickle into the MBA in Operations Management program. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Emphasizes the Operations Management field
  • Approachable admission procedure
  • Recognized by UGC and AICTE
  • Well-distributed throughout the country 
  • Affordable when compared to similar programs
  • Delivered with a multi-media approach in mind
  • Visual and Audio materials simplify the learning process
  • Face-to-face interactions are encouraged between students and faculties
  • Assignments are used to evaluate the students throughout the year
  • Exams can be attended twice a year
  • Visual materials can be freely accessed through Doordarshan
  • Audio materials are freely broadcasted through All India Radio

IGNOU MBA Specialization Prospectus

IGNOU releases a detailed prospectus for their MBA programs. Typically, the IGNOU MBA prospectus is a single prospectus that covers every MBA program but this year IGNOU has gone an extra step to release a prospectus for IGNOU MBA Specialization programs only. The [IGNOU MBA Specialization] prospectus can be found on IGNOU’s official website or through the link given below.

Link for IGNOU MBA Specialization prospectus: http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/MBA%20Specialisation%20Prospectus.pdf

More information regarding the IGNOU MBA Prospectus can be found on our Prospectus page.

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