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Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (MBAHM) is a new MBA specialization program announced by IGNOU recently. It is one of the four new specialization MBA programs introduced by IGNOU. As the name suggests, IGNOU MBA in Human Resource Management is effectively an MBA program that specializes in Human Resource Management. MBAHM program comes with all the same advantages as the IGNOU MBA program as both the programs share a lot of similarities but are fundamentally different from each other as the MBAHM’s syllabus and courses emphasize the field of specialization (ie, Human Resource Management) as a lot more than the distance MBA program.

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Quick Info: MBA in Human Resource Management from IGNOU

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IGNOU Distance MBA Fees

Course Fee


The MBAHM program and the distance MBA program by IGNOU share the same fee structure. The total fee for IGNOU Distance MBA in Human Resource Management program is ₹ 62,000. The semester fee for the IGNOU MBAHM program is ₹ 15,500.

A more detailed breakdown of the IGNOU MBA fee structure can be found on our Fee Structure Page.

IGNOU Distance MBA Duration

Program Duration

2-4 years

The duration of the IGNOU MBAHM program is once again very similar to the [MBA program]. The minimum program completion duration is 2 years and the maximum duration to complete the program is 4 years.

IGNOU Distance MBA prospectus

Program Structure

The MBA Specialization programs by IGNOU follow a very similar course structure as their distance MBA programs. The same is true for the distance MBA in Human Resource Management program. The basic course structure of the IGNOU MBAHM program is as follows:

  • The MBAHM program by IGNOU has 28 courses (subjects) in total.
  • Each semester contains a total of 7 courses.
  • There are a total of 19 core courses in the MBAHM program and a total of 8 specialization courses.
  • There is also a single project course (MMPP-001) in the third semester of the program.
  • The total credit weightage of the program is 116.
  • Each of the courses has a weightage of 4.

An MBAHM student must complete the 19 core courses and the 8 specialization courses to be awarded the IGNOU Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management degree. 

A more elaborate version of the MBAHM course structure can be found on our Course Structure page, feel free to give it a visit.

IGNOU Distance MBA Admission Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

Similar to the IGNOU Distance MBA program, the basic eligibility for IGNOU’s MBA in Human Resource Management is having a 3-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum score of 50% (45% for reserved categories) or equivalent certificate from a reputed institution from across the globe. 

IGNOU has recently eliminated the need for clearing the OPENMAT  entrance exam for gaining admission to the IGNOU Distance MBA programs, making it much easier for an aspirant to study the renowned MBAHM program from IGNOU.

Our Eligibility Criteria page gives a much more detailed view of the eligibility criteria for the IGNOU Distance MBAHM program.

ignou distance mba regional centers

IGNOU MBA in Human Resource Management Admission

Interested candidates can apply for IGNOU MBA in Human Resource Management admission by visiting IGNOU’s official admission portal.

IGNOU Admission Portal link: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/index

For more information regarding IGNOU MBA admission visit our Admission Procedure Page.

IGNOU Distance MBA eligibility

Entrance Test

IGNOU has canceled the OPENMAT entrance exam for this year and no exam was conducted last year either. Presently, no entrance exam is required for IGNOU Distance MBAMM admission.

IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Medium of delivery

IGNOU MBA in Human Resource Management is delivered in English. Unfortunately, this particular program is not presently being offered in any other language.

ignou correspondence mba important dates

Mode of Delivery

IGNOU utilizes a variety of different ways to deliver its MBA programs to the students, the important mode of delivery are as follows:

  • Printed Materials: IGNOU provides several printed materials to its students for assisting their self-learning process. The materials can be found in both physical and ebook formats.
  • Audio and Visual Material Aids: To better impart their courses, IGNOU relies on numerous visual and audio aids that are broadcasted through the learner support centers during the counseling sessions. These visual and audio materials can also be found through Doordarshan broadcasts and All India Radio broadcasts respectively.
  • Counseling sessions: IGNOU schedules numerous counseling sessions throughout the year to facilitate more learning opportunities for the students. The counseling sessions are usually conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • eGyanKosh: The eGyanKosh is one of the largest educational archives in the world. Self-learning materials for over 2400 IGNOU courses are available to the general public through eGyanKosh. IGNOU MBAHM students can also utilize the eGyanKosh archive for accessing their study materials.
  • IGNOU e-Content Mobile App: The e-Content app is IGNOU official mobile app for online content distribution. Students can access the IGNOU e-Content app on their mobile devices through their official app stores.
IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Salient Features of the IGNOU MBAMM program

The following are the major salient features of the IGNOU MBAHM program:

  • Specializes in Human Resource Management field
  • Approved by UGC and AICTE
  • Flexible admission rules
  • Equal opportunity for candidates across India
  • An affordable option for an MBA specialization program
  • A multi-media approach adopted by IGNOU for the course materials
  • Audio and video materials for better self-learning 
  • Face-to-face interaction and Tele-interactions
  • Continuous evaluation through assignments
  • Option of attending the term-end examination twice a year
  • Access to visual study material through Doordarshan
  • Access to audio material through certain stations of All India Radio

IGNOU MBA Specialization Prospectus

The prospectus is a small booklet released by IGNOU for their programs that includes all the necessary information that a potential applicant might want to know. Fortunately, IGNOU has recently released a brand new prospectus for IGNOU MBA Specialization programs which include the MBAHM program.

Candidates can download the newest IGNOU MBA Specialization prospectus from IGNOU’s official website or through the link below.

IGNOU MBA Specialization prospectus link: http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/MBA%20Specialisation%20Prospectus.pdf

Details regarding the IGNOU MBA and IGNOU MBA Specialization prospectus are available on our Prospectus page.

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