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IGNOU offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programs for aspirant management students. 

There are two varieties of PG Diploma programs. They are: 

  1. General PG Diploma Program (PGDIM)
  2. Specialization PG Diploma Programs (PGSDM)
  3. Diploma in Management (DIM)

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Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program

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The PGDIM program basically consists of 11 subjects in the Management prospectus namely MS 1 to MS 11. The details of these subjects are covered in the management prospectus issued by IGNOU. They are the general subjects concerning with Management education.

Fee Structure for  PGDIM

Total Fee : ₹ 19,800

There are a total of 11 subjects and the fee per subject is ₹ 1,800 so the total program fee would be ₹19,800.

Program Duration

Minimum Duration: 1.5 Years

The minimum duration to complete the program is 1.5 years. It is always better to complete the program within the minimum duration period.

Specialization PG Diploma Programs

IGNOU offers several specialization options for PG Diploma in Management (PGSDM). These specializations are:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Operations Management
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Financial Markets Practice

There are 5 subjects in the management syllabus for each of these specializations. In order to complete PGSDM a candidate has to complete  5 subjects from any specialization.

For example: If you choose Human Resource Management as your specialization stream, then you have to complete all the 5 courses from the Human Resource Management Section.

You will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in (Your Specialization) after you complete the 5 subjects in your stream.

Fee Structure for PGSDMs

Total program fee : ₹9,000

The fee for a single subject is ₹1,800. The total fee would then amount to 5 x ₹ 1,800 = ₹ 9,000.

Program Duration

Minimum Duration: 1 year

Diploma in Management Program

The DIM program consists of 5 subjects, out of which 3 subjects are compulsory and 2 subjects are electives. The 2 electives can be selected from a list of four subjects. The minimum duration for the completion of the program is 1 year.

Fee Structure

Total Program Fee : ₹ 9,000
Fee per subject: ₹ 1,800, so the fee for the 5 subjects including the 2 electives would be ₹ 9,000.

Eligibility for PG Diploma and Diploma Programs

The eligibility criteria for all the above PGDM programs is  the same as that of the MBA program. The basic eligibility is graduation with 50% marks. There are some relaxations for some categories. Work experience is also required in some cases.  You can see the complete details about eligibility criteria for management programs here.

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