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The School of Tourism and Hospitality Service Management under IGNOU offers Master of Arts program in Tourism Management (MTM). This program is specially created for those who are currently in the tourism sector or wish to have a career in the booming tourism sector in the country and elsewhere.

This is a two year distance learning professional postgraduate program (ODL Mode). The offering of the program in the distance learning mode would be of great advantage to the working candidates, who without compromising their present job can obtain a higher qualification.

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Eligibility Criteria

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There are two types of candidates eligible for the MTM program by IGNOU.

Type 1 Candidates

The student must have a Bachelor of Tourism Studies (BTS) or Bsc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration or Bachelors degree in Hotel management. All these programs should be approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Candidates with a bachelors degree in any field along with a diploma in tourism are also eligible in this category.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for MTM is dependent on which of the above student categories you fall into. Type 1 and Type 2 students have different fees as there is difference in the number of subjects to be learned by each type.

Fee for Type 1 Candidates

Total Program fees: ₹ 9,000

The fee for the first year is ₹ 4,500 and that of the second year is also ₹ 4,500. So the total fee would be ₹9,000.

Fee for Type 2 Candidates

Total Program fee : ₹ 11,000

The fee for the firs year is ₹ 6,500 and that of the second  year is ₹ 4,500. The total fee would amount to ₹11.000. The difference in the fee for Type 2 is because the candidates in this category need to study an extra 4 subjects than the others.

Course Duration

The total program duration is 2 years. However you have the option of finishing it in 4 years. This might be especially useful if you are not able to complete the program within the minimum time. But it is always good to finish the program well within the minimum time, because if it goes on for long  you might end up losing your motivation to complete the program.

So the Master of Arts Program is a very good option for those who want a career in the tourism industry. There are many advantages of doing this program from IGNOU like saving time, money etc. You can get more details from the official website of IGNOU.

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